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I used to be a poet
Words flowed so freely heart to pen
Soul soared as high as nature's wind
Deepest thoughts were my best friend
Consecration was my yen
Ooooo yeah, I used to be a poet

I used be a lover … yeah, that's right, a swingin' single
My love would have my men transfixed
Passion was fierce and kept us gripped
Love made us quiver like eager lips
Ooooo, and the way I moved my hips!
Oh yeah, I used to be a lover

I used to be a revolutionary … "Power to the people…"
That was the call I'd loudly herald
My blood and fire could not be quelled
Thought men today could change this world
Ooooo yeah, I used to be a revolutionary

Then, I became a mom

Unabashedly, solely, exclusively, singularly, and entirely a mom
Just like my milk flowed on demand
I'd give my soul with one command
Blindly thought poop and pee were grand
Chaos that few would understand
Ooooo yeah, exclusively a mom

But then, in between that 2 A.M. 4 A.M. 5 A.M. screeeeeeaaaammmming
Between that 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th - okay that 12th dirty diaper that I changed
In between those precious eyes, behind that fervent smile, and just beyond her nature's glow
Realization! The single most poetic, passionate, revolutionary thing I could ever know
Was to cultivate up the warriors of tomorrow.

So, I'm still a revolutionary
But with wisdom as my pearl
I know tomorrow's boys & girls
Dwell endlessly to change our world
Still a revolutionary

And, I'm still a lover
But now her love has me transfixed
On those precious eyes and lips
Her dawning soul just keeps me gripped
Still a lover

And, I know I'm still a poet
God granted me what is my yen
Her love inspires my heart to pen
Our souls soar higher than the winds
Ooooo yeah, I know I'm still a poet.

Copyright Charisse A. Carney-Nunes 2003/All rights reserved

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