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A Great Start that will Last, June 25, 2006
  Nappy Mom (Newport News, Virginia)

This gift to my daughter is a treasure that will last her lifetime. She is a bit young (age 4) for the poetic description and details of history, but the pictures said it all in capturing her "lived experience" of nappy hair. It got her attention well enough for me to talk to her about the teachers, activists, writers and all the wonderful women featured in the back. Our conversation included wonderful moments of self-discovery where she proclaimed, "I am brown too!" and sharing (she liked hearing which women were my favorite role models and why). I look forward to future years when she'll understand it all even better. Hair and heritage will be a lifetime conversation between me and my daughter -- this book is a great start.


"These poems, with a distinct African-American flavor, bring to light the varied feelings and emotions of being a new black mother and resolve these feelings with an authentic take on mothering, the same mothering that black mothers across the board experience." - Jennifer James, Editor-in-Chief, Mommy Too! Magazine, The First and Only Web Magazine Celebrating Mothers of Color.  

I read several pieces last night - they were WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations, Charisse. Angela Acree, Washington, DC, Mother of two.

"I had the chance to hear you on the radio on Saturday, March 13. The poem was GREAT! Having nursed my daughter, I TOTALLY identified with the message. Where can I catch you in person? We need your spirit down here in the dirty south- ATL!!! Renee Mintz, Atlanta, GA, Word of Mouth Entertainment/ LU graduate '89, Mother of two.

I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your radio spot on Monday. Your performance of your poem on breastfeeding was inspiring. It made me wonder what signals I put out when I see a mother breastfeeding in public. Behind closed doors was where I thought it should be until I really listened to the words of your poem. Giving life is the most precious gift to give and what more "real" way can that be expressed than breastfeeding. As a mom who did not share the breastfeeding journey I can still relate to your metaphor of giving life. You are a gifted poetess whose passionate presentation of words is awe inspiring. Dawn McCoy, Silver Spring, MD, Mother of two.


This book sings!!! Ms. Nunes' poems are beautiful songs about motherhood in all of it stages. There is an authenticity that resonates throughout the book. Early in the book (Prelude to a Dance), features poems of love and finding life's mates. The beauty and simplicity of falling is love is highlighted in "I Know." The joy and anticipation of the coming birth are contained in "Hymns of Preparation." Even when motherhood comes unexpectedly and may not be welcomed by all, it is celebrated in "Don't Question a Blessing."

Songs really soars on the poem "Got Milk, Give Life," in which Ms. Nunes unabashedly celebrates breastfeeding your child everywhere, whenever and wherever.

Songs is written by an African-American poet. And some of the poems touch on cultural issues such as hair in "Nappy." But the poems in Songs are universal and touch on the ultimate triumph that is motherhood. - Linda Fleming McGhee, Washington, DC (Amazon.com Online Reviewer)


Without a doubt this is a winner! I have thirteen favorites, from "I Know", "Don't Question a Blessing", "Got Milk? Give Life", "Leroy's Song" to "Shake What Your Mama Gave You" just to name a few. Charisse has truly put the thoughts of my mind and other Sistermom's mind to words, and ultimately birthed the "Songs" that we all sing during our journey in life. As I read the "Songs" I felt myself speak these words, I visualized the trials and tribulations, joy and jubilation of being an African American woman, sister, mother, wife, aunt, niece, cousin and friend.

I applaud Charisse for sharing her "Songs" which have become my "Songs". Continue to sing for all of us who don't have a voice! - Katrina D. Jones, Washington, DC (Amazon.com Online Reviewer)

 "Genius. Charisse is a truly gifted writer. In her spare time  between being a lawyer,  political activist, wife and mother, she has mastered what takes others a lifetime of study to  achieve." - Damien Jackson, Journalist/George Washington  Williams Fellow Independent Press Association, Editor of the Hip Hop Tree.
"Charisse is one of the most dynamic poets to  have ever performed for us. Her 'Nappy'  mantra  hit a nerve with the audience and has since  resounded throughout the building  again and  again, with women repeating it - 'NAPPY!!' We  definitely plan on using  Charisse in future  programs that our office organizes." Andrea  McIntyre, Office of Equal  Opportunity Programs,  National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA





"Charisse's original poem, 'The Eternal Love Song: A Duet' is a compelling and spiritual tribute to African American love. Her performance of the piece with her husband was magnetic, inspiring, and truly exceptional. What an amazing literary and dramatic talent." Barnelle Herring, President, Washington DC Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., 2002-2004


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